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As previously covered, travel nurse interviews can be as simple as a description of the facility & the unit, or as complicated as questions requiring you to use your clinical thinking skills & describe your ability to work with & organize a team.

Preparing for the interview is a good idea- and remember, your interviewer won't be present, so referring to notes is a possibility. Even if you don't happen to have your notes available, by organizing your thoughts enough to write them down, your recall will help later.

Prepare a simple history, interviewers usually want to know what types of patient populations you are comfortable dealing with, what size of units you are used to working on, what computer documentation systems you have used & recent hospitals  where you have worked.

Why are you traveling? Don't be negative, like- "I'm traveling because I don't like the weather here" or "I think nursing in X-Y-Z has become too difficult & I need something easier.." Be Honest, but be positive- "I have been to your area before, and always wanted to return..."or "I have great pediatric nursing experience, and need a new challenge or new experiences..." or "another nurse recommended your facility..." prepare a few answers in advance.

Other questions can be hard, if not impossible, to prepare for, but most of them are aimed at trying to assess some qualities in you that the facility feels are important to possess if you want to work for them.


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Are you a team player? Some interviewers will pose questions that put you in a "situation"...a patient has been admitted, but the attending has not seen them, they are "crashing" & the physician does not answer the phone..." remember to keep in mind that other team members are available--most hospitals have "Rapid Response Teams" & management ladders...use them in answers to questions of this type.

Are you a problem solver? Problems with other team members- have you ever had any? (and you have), Describe the situation & how did you solve it?  Lots of ancillary staff are overwhelmed- nurse aides, phlebotomists, dietary staff...the fact that you are willing to compromise & "do all your AM vital signs".."pass the lunch trays".."schedule times to help with total care patients" when others are overwhelmed without reporting them to management will fit the bill. Think of when you were in this situation & prepare answers for that question now.

Are you a critical thinker? These questions revolve around your clinical skills, they are rarely asked, they are impossible to study for in advance. They revolve around "what would you do first?..someone has fallen & someone needs pain medication & someone needs to go to the bathroom"...keep in mind patient safety is first, use other staff members to help with other issues they are qualified to do.

Who are you? If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be & why? (not kidding, we've all been asked that question..). What are your weaknesses & stong points as a nurse (specifically) & what are you doing to correct the weaknesses? What are you're long term goals? Why should we hire you? Write your answers down now.

The last part of the interview-is your turn! Ask any questions about the facility & the unit that the interviewer did not cover:


Here are a few you may not think of, add them to a list of your own:

What areas will I be expected to float ?

What type of documentation system do you use? Medication dispensing system?

What is the nurse:patient ratio? What ancillary staff are available to help?

What type of orientation do you provide? How long?

Are there any specific uniform requirements?

Is parking at the facility free? Is it close to the hospital?

When your interview ends in a job offer, make sure you let the interviewer know you are very interested & you recruiter will be in touch today. Check with your recruiter about any thing else you are unsure about, then accept or decline the position!

NOW, You are ready to travel! =============>