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Getting through a travel nursing job interview is different than a standard nursing job interview-- they are all conducted on the phone! This eliminates all the fuss over what to wear & worrying about body language; but, not being able to see your interviewer makes it difficult to read their response & the direction the interview can take is less predictable.

Securing the interview is the toughest part. Nursing agencies all have different methods for getting you that all-important interview. After your paperwork is "submitted" to the facility, the nurse manager reviewing the applications she(he) receives, is the one to decide who she(he) will choose to call. Getting yourself to the top of that pile is out of your control for the most part, as it will depend on the other nursing applications you are competing against; but, there are a few things you can do to help. Answer your phone-once the call is placed & you don't answer , the nurse manager will move immediately to the next number. Most interviews end in a job offer, so, missing the chance for an interview usually means missing a chance at the job. Look up the area code for the facility, if you are not prone to answering phone calls from numbers you don't recognize, at least the area code might tip you off that it is coming from the facility. If you do miss the call, call back as soon as you realize it.

Calling the facility & attempting to hook up with the nurse manager on your own is frowned upon, don't let a nurse recruiter instruct you to do so unless they have gotten the phone number that goes directly to the nurse manager's office.

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If you are lucky, you will be dealing with a nurse staffing agency that has an interview "scheduler"- someone who will call you & establish a specific time for the interviewing nurse to call you, at a time when you know you are not working & can dedicate a certain amount of time specifically for the interview; or, your agency has established an exclusive contract with the facility & conducts the nursing interviews for them.

Once you have applied for a travel nurse position(s), the forthcoming interview is something you can prepare for, in fact, because you will not be visible to your interviewer, you can have notes available to openly refer to during the process.

These job interviews vary wildly, from some that amount to nothing more than a nurse manager reciting some information about her unit & the facility then asking you to come aboard, to others that are similar to passing the NCLEX or running a code on the phone! There is no way to know in advance, so be prepared for the worst & be pleasantly surprised when all your preparation was for nothing (except to save it for the next one).

Remember, this interview is also time for you to find out all YOU need to decide whether or not this is a travel nursing assignment that you might like. Be prepared with your own questions.

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