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Now that you have accepted a travel nursing job, you have to get there! Unless you don't need your car once you get to your job or the location makes it impossible to take it along--a road trip is at hand!

Your living arrangements at your new destination will either be arranged by your travel company or, on rare occassions, by the facility (and are a tax-free benefit) or you have already made arrangements to live with someone you know there or have reserved your own housing (in which case you would be eligible for a tax-free housing stipend). Housing that is supplied by either the facility or your agency ususally comes furnished with all utilities paid for except phone & cable. Check to see whether or not they supply anything else-- cooking utensils, microwave, TV, washer/dryer,etc. If not, you will either need to bring them along or rent them. Your agency can arrange for renting microwaves, TVs, washer & dryer sets through the furniture rental company for a small monthly fee that is usually just deducted from your paycheck. Some furniture companies even rent complete apartment "kits" that include everything from plates to linens for about $100/month. Anything extra you order is just delivered with the furniture before you get there & taken away after you leave. The less you have to take up & down the stairs, the better!

If you are traveling with a pet, let your agency know, there may be a pet deposit requred by the housing complex.



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If you are expecting guests or traveling with a friend or two, request either 2 twin beds &/or a sofa bed with your furniture package- the standard is one Queen bed. There is usually no additional charge for this as long as you let them know ahead of time.

Plan on moving in on the Friday before your orientation week -- plan your road trip to get to your apartment by mid-day. Arriving on a weekday before 5PM EST insures that everything is still open and people are available to help you solve any problems that might arise. This also allows you the weekend to unpack, get groceries & most important -- find the hospital & the exact location you need to report to on your first day. Go there, get out of the car, go inside & find the room. Allow for more traffic on a weekday morning.

The facility & your agency will make sure you have all the information you need to arrive at orientation in one piece. Buy a folder & put all of your orientation information in it, along with any licenses, cards, & documentation you might need on your first day.

As soon as your new address is confirmed, make arrangements for your home mail to be forwarded & call to arrange for any cable & internet services you might want. Appointments can be hard to get in some areas, so the sooner you call, the better. If your agency gives you the contact numbers for those services, call the apt complex office instead & ask for the phone number of the technician(s) that comes there-- let them know you are a travel nurse. They will give you the best deal.

A few items you might not think to pack that you might need before you get a chance to shop include: Toilet paper, light bulbs, & a shower curtain.

Remember to be safe, membership to a motor club, like AAA can prove to be indespensible. Plan your trip to get plenty of rest & maybe see some sights or stay with some family or friends along the way.

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